ShutterNutter Nation Live Nov 1st

Please, take a moment to checkout the new ShutterNutter Nation youtube channel which will be live on Nov. 1st 2014!

This will be a great place for information, news, reviews, and good ol fun.

We'll see you there!

Jonathan Soffa

Blood Moon


Get out and get some awesome shots of the blood moon tonight!

Personal Fun

Life as we know it changes constantly! This website will now just host the images I take on my personal time that I enjoy. I am launching ShutterNutter Nation via youtube in the next coming months so stay tuned for that!

Been awhile

Have been extremely busy lately so I haven't gotten a chance to get out an shot. I know, no excuse right... I did add a few that I have shot to all the galleries. Please enjoy and comment!



In the beginning....

There is always a first, always a last. This excitingly is the first post of, the collection of photographs by amateur photographer Jonathan Soffa (myself). This is a journey of growth, experimentation, and adventure and will have many ups and downs. Please bookmark this site and check back regularly for new photos, as well as news, tech info, and equipment updates. Please feel free to contact me anytime at   to share, ask, comment, and critique; all is welcome!