Building Portrait - $189-299

What is a building portrait? A building portrait is a capture of a structure in high resolution and clarity which allows for large scale printing and/or use with any type of media. Ideal for historic preservation or just for show in a lobby or conference room. This is no ordinary picture, making use of sometimes hundreds of photos to build an extremely detailed image with a unique perspective.  Delivered in any file format requested. Printing services available. Please call for more details.

Building Showcase - Call

Like a building showcase, but instead of just showing off the exterior of a building, this is a all encompassing package to show your building inside and out, in professional, high quality images that can be used for any sort of media, whether it be advertising, or to enhance your online presence. Also great for large scale buildings that require a professional photoset for realestate sale.

Real Estate Photography - $195-2000

There is nothing worse than attempting to sell a property with images that show no detail, are not appealing, and give no value to the uniqueness of each property. Poor imagery will turn off potential buyers, making you miss opportunities. Our real estate services offer professional images that look amazing, but still keep the nature of the property intact.  Pricing is based on size of property. Looking for video services for your properties? Contact us at SOFFA MediaWorks for more details.

Product Photography - $95-699

It is the digital age. Most everything you could want to purchase, can be found online. For most, it's the first place they go when interested in a product. Having clear, exact, well lite, appealing imagery of your products is crucial to keeping your customers intrigued and informed. Allow us to provide you with images that show all the details of your products, while allowing their uniqueness to show through. Pricing based on number of products requested. Call for a no-hassle exact quote today. Looking for video services for your products? Contact us at SOFFA MediaWorks for more details.


Resturant Menu - $350-700

Nothing sells food better than mouth watering images that you can almost taste with your eyes. Contact us today to discuss how we can redesign your menu for success!

Banners/Posters/Displays - $129

Designing a poster or display for an event, job fair, company retreat or alike, but don't have that one image you have in mind? Call us today to discuss how we can provide you with the images you want!

Something Else? - Call

Have a need we don't have listed? We can provide virtually any photography or videography service imaginable. Share your ideas with us today!